Mobile CRM for Sales Reps

Mobile Sales Software that Helps Your Reps Close More Deals

Canvass keeps the sales rep from having to dive into the CRM while giving them complete visibility into deal flow and the metrics behind it to help drive more sales volume.

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Manage all of your contacts and leads

Canvass lead management tools allow reps to keep track of every contact they make, whether from their own efforts or from inbound leads.

Get full visibility into deal progression

When you sell a deal, but you aren’t on the operational side of fulfilling a deal, it can be frustrating when you don’t know what’s going on. Canvass gives you full visibility into the progress of your sales pipeline as it enters fulfillment, construction or installation.

Set appointments and sync with calendaring tools

Create appointments and sync them directly with a calendar or share them with a designated closer.

Get notified when a deal status changes

No more digging through data to find out changes to your deals. Canvass will notify you if there is a change in progress to a deal in your sales pipeline.

Access More than 300 Data Points on Customers

In a cold call situation, you may not always know what is on the other side, with access to more than 300 data points on each customer such as name, credit score and age, Canvass demographic data can give you the tools you need to sell intelligently.

Measure performance activity to sell more deals

How many contacts did you make? How many appointments did you set? All of this is available at your fingertips with Canvass.

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Drive sales performance in your organization and among your distributed sales teams.

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