Field Sales Tracking App

Mobile Sales Tracking for High Performing Sales Managers

Canvass gives deep visibility into the sales team prospecting activities as well as statistics on team performance, both on the individual level and team level.

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Increase Visibility

Visibility into the selling activities of every member of your sales team, at the individual level or the team level.

Highlight the Performers and those Who Need Help

Leaderboards give you quick access to see who is succeeding and where and who is not.

Map and Assign Selling Territory

Easily map selling territory and assign it to one or multiple reps.

Get a Clear Picture of Territory Performance

Canvass easily surfaces the most important sales metrics from the selling territories you’ve assigned.

Visibility into the Setter/Closer Pipeline

It’s common today to have setters flow deals to closers, whether you call it setter/closer or an SDR/BDR relationship, Canvas gives the sales manager visibility into the progression of sales as they move from one role to the next.

View Sales Rep Activity History

View a history of the sales rep prospecting activity with map based location tracking added for distributed and remote selling teams.

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Drive sales performance in your organization and among your distributed sales teams.

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