A Simple, Mobile Customer Relationship Management Tool

A Mobile Sales Tool that Keeps the Rep Out of the CRM

Canvass helps keep the sales activity data clean, the sales reps happy and out of complicated CRMS as well as organized and productive via our simple-to-use interface that syncs with your current system.

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Easily Find, Manage and Update Customers

Create and update lead and customer information insides Canvass and keep your data consistent.

Sync Rep Activity with Your Current CRM

No need to move back and forth from mapping tools to find areas to prospect, Canvass marks each home with an address and potential customer data and pushes that data into your current CRM.

Get True Visibility Into Win/Loss Reasons

Customize your data points for all sales reps, and get in depth data on win/loss reasons with multi-layer status.

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Drive sales performance in your organization and among your distributed sales teams.

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