Lead Management and Tracking Software

Organize All Your Leads, Contacts and Appointments in One Mobile App

Canvass integrates with external lead sources, lets you create your own leads or set appointments and share those with others all in one app.

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Create and Manage Leads

Create and update lead and contact data inside Canvass for later follow up or share it with another sales rep.

Share Leads with Your Team

Share and collaborate on a deal with other members of your sales team.

Schedule Appointments in App

Schedule appointments for sit down meetings, go-backs or for multi-touch sales processes and have them sync with your device.

Select and Share Appointments for Closers

If your company utilizes a scheduling process or a setter closer sales situation, Canvass can facilitate lead scheduling between two reps all inside the app.

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Drive sales performance in your organization and among your distributed sales teams.

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