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Prospecting Power

Prospecting is a lost art in sales. Fill your funnel. Increase your deals. It will always work. Reap what you sow.

Hard Skills

Finding prospects, qualifying prospects, specific closing ideas and techniques and more.

Master the Soft Skills

People skills can be the foundation of success in sales, and despite what anyone says, they can be learned. We cover appropriate eye contact, listening, asking emotionally smart questions and more.

Close with Precision

Improve your closing percentage or your money back. (It’s free). We want to see you succeed. We promise there are some great nuggets in these videos that will help you improve as a closer.

Your Mentors

The Selling Veterans

We’ve gathered daily videos from some of the veterans of solar, alarm, smarthome, pest, roofing and more.

Get a glimpse with daily snippets of how the best think about and approach sales.

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Daily videos via email or text message.

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We have hundreds of short, quick, to-the-point sales mastery tips that you’ll receive directly on your phone.

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Get out of this what you put into it. Practical, applicable sales tips right to your phone or tablet. Quick and simple.